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Diane and Kevin Dear Linda

Oh My God ........ It's really happening! From the very bottom of my heart... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU There could never be enough space on any computer to say it enough times. I could have never done this without you (Dennis and Jenni too). I wouldn't have wanted to either. You are truly one in a zillion (is that a word?) Well if it isn't,there definitely needs to be a place in the dictionary for it. Linda Storli: definition “one in a zillion”. “World's Greatest Guru” (she assured us that it was KARMA - we would get the home of our dreams even when we didn’t believe it would happen...) ALWAYS "on duty": While on VACATION in INDIA, Linda sent us the link to our new home! See you at 5:00 p.m. NEW The Kinney Family Residence Established March 3, 2009 All My Love, Diane (Kevin too). UPDATE: Linda handed us the keys to our new home today and made all our dreams come true!

John and Marilyn Pilkey

Dear Linda and Dennis, Thanks so much for the fabulous service you provided over the past three years. First, you helped me sell what looked to me like a worthless, trashed old, tiny house for 13 times what I paid for it - and I did absolutely NOTHING to "fix it up." You kept saying, "Just trust us, we can sell it." Were you ever right! Within just five days of putting it on the market, we had five buyers competing with one other in a bidding war, ending up with a sale price more than $12,000 OVER our "asking" price, and fully $60,000 more than we actually expected to get for the property. Then you worked wonders again, helping us to purchase the most beautiful home I've ever lived in. "Mill Ridge" had a spectacular mountaintop view, granite counters, gorgeous fireplace and cathedral ceilings, and beautiful appointments throughout. It was like moving from hell straight up to heaven. YOU made that magic happen! When I decided to retire and move to Kansas, once again you were able to help us sell quickly and navigate the uncertainties of a real estate transaction in a whole new state. We got a wonderful deal on acreage here, with you watching out for our backside, checking out all the paperwork and asking the right questions. What a treasure you are! I can't say enough for your energy, positive attitude, constant words of encouragement, clarity in talking us through every step, willingness to work nights and weekends to show our house and host open houses, integrity, and professionalism. You two are absolute TOPS as REALTORS - and as friends. I feel very privileged to have worked with you.
Sincerely yours,
Marilyn and John Pilkey

Cher and Flyn

Linda and Dennis were THE best. We were “just looking” and came upon them doing an Open House. The home they were showing was not quite what we were looking for. They went to work. Within a day I had 17 homes that met our criteria, EXACTLY. But we also had a condo to sell. They were right on it. Listed and sold in a short time! They did Open Houses, advertised our home EVERYWHERE, made beautiful flyers and kept the box filled everyday our home was on the market! (We had heard stories about agents getting listings and then you could never find them). This was NOT the case with Linda and Dennis, they were always available. The new home search was fun. But with each new home we saw we found more things we wanted. They were VERY patient. We saw over 30 homes. They counseled us NOT to buy BEFORE our condo sold (even though we were very anxious to do so), and they also gently reminded us to stay within our price range. They were the PERFECT agents for us. We highly recommend them and do to everyone who needs a REALTOR that will LISTEN, DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY WILL DO WHEN THEY SAY THEY WILL DO IT, ARE HONEST AND PATIENT AND WORK VERY HARD FOR THEIR CLIENT IN BOTH THE SELLING SIDE AND THE PURCHASE!